The SMART Concept

SMART: A Model for Improving Self, Society and the Environment

SMART strives to provide the tools and cutting-edge environment to be the catalyst for communities to achieve their full potential through idea collaboration, relevant training and innovative solutions around persistent rural challenges.

SMART Centers will serve as epicenters for knowledge exchange to invigorate promising, yet under-supported, areas of Armenia.

The SMART Centers will feature both tailored new offerings as well as proven highly effective programs implemented by COAF over the last decade, including: digital libraries, multi-sensory programs for disabled youth, entrepreneurship training, civic engagement, apprenticeships, health education screenings, and environmental and economic programs.

COAF is currently collaborating with socially responsible partners that share our objectives, in an effort to further facilitate our expansion plans, targeting each of Armenia’s ten provinces. COAF will replicate this model throughout rural Armenia, which can be implemented globally in rural communities.

WHY is SMART important?

  • Armenian rural communities have high potential but limited resources
  • Revitalization of cultural well-being can dramatically affect confidence and empowerment
  • Improved educational and technological resources are critical for development of youth in these communities

WHO is SMART intended for?

  • Rural communities in Armenia
  • Youth who have limited access to optimal education and technology tools
  • Rural working professionals who can benefit younger generations

HOW will SMART be accomplished?

  • The proven expertise and track record of COAF
  • Partnerships with international corporate organizations
  • Collaborative relationships with rural communities
  • Active donors and volunteers