The SMART Citizenship Curriculum is a unique non-formal education model initiated by COAF that promotes the holistic development of individuals through teaching cognitive (HEAD), emotional (HEART), and psychomotor (HAND) skills.

Overall, we offer 18 different programs through 3 dimensions: HEAD, HEART and HAND with 2 disciplines in each։


  1. Languages (Chinese, English, Russian)

  2. Entrepreneurship (Finance, Management, Marketing)


  1. Music (Musical instruments, Sound Design, Vocals)

  2. Arts (Drawing, Digital Drawing, Performing Arts)


  1. Engineering (Agritech, Programming, Mechanics)

  2. Athletics (Dance, Yoga, VR Fitness)

The new curriculum is a 2-3 year-long quest for SMART Citizenship. In order to successfully complete the curriculum, each participant will need to go through different learning formats: SMART Essentials, SMARTConnects, SMART Trips, SMART Workshops, SMART University Fair, SMART Projects, SMART 1:1. Each journey starts with an introduction week. It is required for each participant to take part in and demonstrate full completion in all of them. 

Teenagers aged 12-18 from Karinj, Lorut, Marts are eligible to apply to the program this week (by November 23, end of day).
If you don’t see APPLY NOW button it means that we have already received the maximum number of applications for this week.
Each week we will accept applications from more communities, including children and teenagers of more ages. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at +374 60 705070.

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