COAF Smart Rooms will be established in villages within up to 30-40 driving minutes of the SMART Center. SMART rooms will not only connect rural communities to the SMART Center, but will also connect villagers with one another and the world through the use of state-of-the-art technology and education. The rooms will enable connectivity during winter months when travel to the SMART Center may be extremely difficult due to inclement weather. SMART Rooms will be utilized by rural youth and resources will be available for all community members. Centralized programs will be based on vital educational competencies, along with added content tailored to local community’s needs and resources. Community members in specialized fields, such as doctors and teachers, will receive continuing education through trainings, classes and expert discussions. Initial curriculua will include English language instruction, health education and student clubs.

You can take a tour of our six SMART Rooms by clicking and dragging the images below.