SMART Center In Lori

SMART is designed to advance a generation across the rural world through education that will benefit individuals, societies and the environment.

The Lori region’s immediate needs and resources are the main focus at inception. Technological training and tools will create an instant bridge to the world for villages that have been isolated.

Lori SMART Campus Video and Photos

Armenia will benefit as SMART is implemented throughout the country. Communication and connectivity among SMART communities will foster advancement through exchange of knowledge and collaboration. The application of SMART will help advance the economy and improve the quality of life.


The wide-ranging curriculum at the Lori SMART Center and surrounding SMART Rooms will focus on these key programmatic areas:


  • Programming
  • Engineering
  • Robotics

Arts and Music

  • Visual arts
  • Music
  • Creative expression

Linguistics and Communication

  • Armenian
  • English
  • Advanced communication
  • Presentation skills

Environmental Practices

  • Recycling
  • Renewable energy
  • Organic agriculture
  • Resource development

Health and Lifestyle

  • Nutrition
  • Preventive care
  • Medical education
  • Fitness

Business and Civic Education

  • Management and organization
  • Finance
  • Social responsibility
  • Career development