Our board and staff have the pleasure of experiencing first hand the progress that is unfolding every day on the ground in Armenia as a result of COAF's programs. While we acknowledge the importance of sharing statistics and accomplishments over time to demonstrate results, it is the individual stories that most meaningfully showcase our success and we are pleased to share a few of those below.


“COAF Launches Engineering Lab in Smart room in Karinj”

The COAF Smart Room Engineering Lab in Karinj has recently brought a stroke of passion to Yura Sargsyan. At the age of 13 he is interested in physics, algebra and programming.


“Although you are only one person, you too can make a large impact on the lives of many”

Flour, vegetable oil, rice, pasta, salt, preserves and… sports equipment. That’s what Maral Manoukian managed to buy for COAF summer camps in Artsakh through fundraising.


“COAF Has Made Tavush More Exceptional”

Borderline villages in Tavush have poor quality of life and very limited educational opportunities for kids. To help children and adults in the conflict zone, COAF has initiated the construction of SMART Safe Rooms as part of the SMART Initiative to transform rural Armenia by leveraging technology and education.


“They Are Counting the Hours to Morning to Come and Play!”

Hasmik Khachatryan is a preschool teacher and a parent from Dzoragyugh, a mountainous village in Lori. Her kids and students didn’t have a decent playground until recently. The new playgrounds in the villages of Dzoragyugh, Debet, Lanjik and Beniamin were developed by COAF with the support of private donors and in collaboration with Dufry Armenia.


“COAF Ignored My Age and Hired Me”

Being a pensioner in rural Armenia often means low income, isolation and depression. However, that’s not the case with a number of retired people in COAF-supported villages in Lori.


How a Local Soccer Tournament Inspired a TedxKids Talk

Nare Galstyan, 14, is one of the teenagers from a COAF-supported village, who gave TEDxKids talk this year. COAF has always been encouraging kids from beneficiary villages to take part in TEDx events. But this time the inspiration came from… a soccer training session.


“You Make Their Voices Heard”

Everything started in December 2014 when Children of Armenia Fund invited soccer coach and writer Andrea Montalbano to Armenia to take part in a “Soccer Diplomacy” event to promote soccer among Armenian girls.


“If You Can Help, You Should Help”

Hayk Sargsyan, 41, has been living in Karakert, Armavir all his life. One would call his life an ordinary one – school, army, family life, work in the community center… However, things changed for Hayk in 2007 when he got introduced to COAF.


“You Have Not Lost Your Armenian Roots in a Faraway Country”

There’s a classroom in the COAF-supported Getashen School in Armavir, that proudly carries Charles and Diana Mkhitarians’ dedication plaque on its wall. Renovated last year with Mkhitarian family’s generous donation, students’ now favorite classroom used to resemble ruins before the renovation.


“You Can Have Very Limited Resources and Still Do a Lot to Help People”

For years Shoghik (Joyce) Kurdian, a US-based Armenian-American dentist, has been going to Armenia and providing pro bono medical services. This time she teamed up with COAF and went to Armenia as the co-head of the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization Mission.


COAF Trip Report June 2016

On the heels of Pope Francis, COAF founder Garo Armen visited Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic at the end of June to review progress on the SMART Center in Lori Marz, to meet with the local COAF Board, and to explore possibilities for extending COAF programs to war-torn Karabakh.


“The patient was extremely touched because… “the doctors talked to her””

Dr. Lorky Libaridian is an internist and pediatrician from Boston, Massachusetts. She is the medical director for performance improvement and primary care for 12 clinics at Cambridge Health Alliance. “She is a rare type of doctor that has the perfect collection of traits that make a good doctor.


“My Daughter Was Extremely Happy That She Was Chosen to Be a Part of the COAF Theater Group”

Mariam Simonyan, from the village of Aragatsavan, had hardly ever left her home for twenty years. Because of her cerebral palsy, she never went to school and never learned to read or write. She would spend her days sitting outside in a wheelchair in her backyard, looking around for children to talk to as they passed by and inviting them to play with her.


“We Value What COAF Does For Our Community And We Want To Also Invest In This Work”

The story of an engaged mayor, a child focused village… and a speech therapist that “must be married to a local”.


A Fridtjof Nansen Medal Awarded to a COAF Board Advisor

An Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs and Special Projects at Harvard Medical School, an Advisor to the COAF Board, an expert in European History and Arts, a researcher, a scientist, an intelligent and witty Cambridge-based professional – that’s how you can describe Nora Nercessian.


NYU Dental Specialists Address Dental Care Needs in COAF-Supported Villages

A group of five dental specialists from New York University’s College of Dentistry visited Armenia from May 7-14 in collaboration with Children of Armenia Fund. The purpose of their visit was to study the needs of oral health care in Armenian villages and assess the types of programs to best address these needs.


Our Guest, The Prime Minister

COAF hosted the Prime Minister of Armenia, Hovik Abrahamyan, for a visit to the future SMART Center site in Lori yesterday where construction is underway. COAF Executive Director, Anoush Yedigaryan shared details on the project’s timeline and goals.


British Council and COAF Initiate Joint Project to Address Rural Education Needs

The British Council in Armenia recently partnered with COAF for a Teacher Development Project last month when 12 English Instruction teachers from Armavir and Aragatsotn regions joined to address the needs of rural education and discuss improvements through the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) model.


COAF, in Partnership with Ameria Group, Inspires Rural Students to Make a Difference in Their Own Communities

Sixty-five rural students enrolled in social and financial-themed courses through COAF Aflatoun’s program recently met with volunteers from Ameria Group. As part of the second phase of COAF’s Aflatoun program, students are required to implement a socio-financial project for their school or overall community.


EY Opens Doors for Rural Armenian Youth through Donation of Computers

EY recently donated a total of 14 computers to COAF’s Creativity Lab and Library in the communities of Karakert and Marts respectively, that will benefit over 300 students.


COAF-Supported Schools Participate in World Health Day

Seven COAF-supported schools joined the global community in celebrating the World Health Day. The events took place in the communities of Hatsik, Myasnikyan, Dalarik, Karakert, Getashen, Aragatsavan and Arteni in the Armavir & Aragatsotn regions of Armenia.


Armenian-American Midwives Visit Lori

Two Armenian-American midwives from the United States arrived with a team of doctors from COAF for a weeklong working visit in Armenia’s Lori region. Martha Boudakian and Brenda Sourabian visited Armenia to provide professional assistance in relation to women’s health.


Global Dialogue on Financial Awareness Includes 160 COAF Students

As part of Global Money Week (GMW), various events took place to raise financial awareness in the village communities of the Armavir and Lori regions of Armenia. The events in Armenia were organized by 160 participants from COAF Aflatoun program’s eight clubs.


COAF Alumni Mentor Younger Students While Maintaining Pattern of Sincere Reciprocity

Students from five rural villages from the Armavir and Aragatsotn regions of Armenia recently launched a COAF Alumni Association which will act as the link between COAF, current beneficiary schools, and alumni.


“Healthy Breakfasts for Armenia’s Children”

Yerevan-based newspaper investigates the healthy food status of Armenian youth and credits COAF as a major implementer of change against patterns that endanger health.


A Creative Approach Helps Both Children and Armenia-Based Businesses

This year, over 200 children from four COAF-supported villages in Armenia’s Lori region received gifts through the SantasWanted! Campaign. The project was a joint effort between COAF and ONEArmenia, which utilized an online platform to enable people around the world to donate gifts to rural children.


HSBC Champions Rural Education with Scholarships to Exceptional Armenian Students

Twenty students from villages in the Aragatsotn, Lori and Armavir regions were awarded academic scholarships by HSBC Armenia bank for the 2015-2016 school year. The scholarships provide free tuition for one semester, with the opportunity to receive continued financial aid based on academic performance and the completion of a community project.


Health Education Promotes Vibrant Results in Lori

In support of COAF’s commitment to promote healthy living in rural villages in Armenia, health education has emerged as a priority and subsequently become integrated in the required school curriculum as of 2016. A series of training seminars have been held for teachers under COAF’s Training of Trainers (TOT) program to support this change.


Genocide-Inspired Project Allows for Renovation of Health Post in Martuni

COAF is one of several organizations involved in the “One Symbolic Village” project launched last year in commemoration of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. The goal of the project is to introduce various development initiatives to the town of Martuni, located in the Gegharkunik region of Armenia, which was founded primarily by Genocide survivors who sought refuge in the region from Western Armenia.


COAF Opens New Cafeterias in Six Village Schools

Every morning, many children in rural Armenia face the bleak reality that they will go to school hungry. Impoverished families oftentimes do not have the ability to feed their children before sending them off to school, and once there, students find no respite due to a lack of cafeterias. COAF is continuing to tackle this dire problem by instituting a cafeteria system throughout its beneficiary schools.


Building a Network of Psychologists One School at a Time

The importance of having school-based psychologists in Armenia has been widely acknowledged in recent years. One of the main issues has been the lack of fully trained professionals, especially in rural areas, who possessed modern methods of providing psycho-social services to children.


Collaborations Already Underway with COAF Joining Impact Hub Yerevan

COAF has officially joined the Impact Hub Yerevan Social Innovation Development Foundation (also known as Impact Hub Yerevan) professional membership organization dedicated to individuals, enterprises, start-ups, and organizations making a positive impact in Armenia and around the world. Impact Hub Yerevan is a habitat for innovation that features an inspiring space, entrepreneurial support and a collaborative community.


COAF Whiz Kids Demonstrate Strong Logical Thinking

Members of COAF Student Councils from several beneficiary rural schools in the Armavir region of Armenia gathered at the Karakert Community Center on February 11 to take part in a competition of intellectuals based on the popular “What? When? Where?” game show.


COAF to Expand into Shirak Region of Armenia

Members of COAF's Expansion Team, led by Executive Director Anoush Yedigaryan, met with community leaders from the rural subregions of Ani and Artik located in the Shirak province of Armenia yesterday. Village leaders were presented with an overview of COAF's mission and accomplishments.


COAF Educator Speaks About Gender Stereotyping at Convention of English Language Teachers of Armenia

The Association of English Language Teachers of Armenia (AELTA) recently held its annual convention, marking 20 years since it was established. Several COAF English ACCESS teachers were invited to take part, including Lusine Gyunashyan who conducted a workshop highlighting her experience teaching English at COAF-supported rural schools.


Rural English Language Teachers Explore the Use of Technology in Classrooms

Several English language teachers from COAF-supported rural schools underwent special trainings on ways in which to integrate technology while teaching. Aileen D. Fermin, Teacher Trainer/Curriculum Designer at Peace Corps Armenia, initiated the training for teachers from the Armavir and Aragatsotn regions of Armenia.


COAF Expands Summer Internship Program for AUA Public Health Students

This was the second year in which COAF’s various rural health programs continued to provide American University of Armenia (AUA) Public Health students with exciting and challenging internships. AUA Interns Karin Karbouian and Janani Kali took part in COAF’s ongoing pediatric dental screening programs. They also helped provide much-needed trainings to nurses in COAF-supported villages.


Journalism Club Students in Getashen Publish Newsletter on Genocide

The COAF-supported village of Getashen (Armavir region), located on the Arax River directly across from the border with Turkey, is home to many descendants of the Armenian Genocide. Recently, a Journalism Club was established by COAF at the local school in Getashen, in conjunction with the Dream-Do International School Program which encourages school classes around the world to engage in project-based learning and implement great projects of their choice.


COAF Alumni Association Launched

11 alumni from various COAF-supported villages located in the Armavir and Aragatsotn regions of Armenia have launched the COAF Alumni Association, which will be to act as a bridge between them, their villages and COAF.


COAF Debate Clubs Established at New Rural Schools

Over 500 schoolchildren from 3 COAF-supported communities located in the Armavir region of Armenia have taken part in debate clubs established by COAF over the past decade. Today, these 3 debate clubs in the villages of Dalarik, Karakert and Lernagog are entirely self-sustainable.


Students in Armenia and Kosovo Resume Online Communication

Dozens of students belonging to the English Access Microscholarship Program in Kosovo and Armenia held a Skype session from the recently established COAF SMART Room located in village of Akori (Lori region).


COAF’s Drama Therapy Theatre Premieres New Production

The 30-member theatre group “Im Tatron” was established in the village of Getashen a year ago for local 4th-12th graders. Drama therapy uses theater processes to achieve therapeutic goals for children.


First SMART Room in Lori’s Tumanyan Village Opens

COAF opened its first SMART Room in the village of Tumanyan located in the Lori region of Armenia where the first COAF SMART Campus is currently being built. COAF SMART Rooms will be established in villages within up to 30-40 driving minutes of the SMART Campus.

Over 1,000 Students Take Part in Student Council Elections

This year’s student council elections held at 10 COAF-supported rural schools were one of the most active ever, clearly demonstrating the widespread civic engagement and democratic processes in place among youth.

U.S. Embassy And COAF Continue Expansion of English Language Courses Throughout Armenia

The U.S. Embassy in Yerevan and the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) announced today the continued expansion of two English language training programs sponsored by the Embassy and co-funded and operated by COAF. The courses will be offered in several of Armenia’s rural regions. 

Dalarik Student Inspires Self-Learning and Change at TEDxYouth Event in Lori

Dalarik Student Inspires Self-Learning and Change at TEDxYouth Event in LoriNineteen year-old Gayane Tonoyan from the COAF-supported village of Dalarik located in the Armavir region of Armenia delivered an inspiring presentation at a recent TEDxYouth event organized in the town of Stepanavan.

Foreign Exchange Student From Karakert Draws Comparisons Between Armenia and Hawaii

Foreign Exchange Student From Karakert Draws Comparisons Between Armenia and HawaiiKhanoum Gevorgian from the COAF-supported village of Karakert arrived on the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi last month with the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program sponsored by the United States Department of State.

COAFkids Take Part in Folk Festival and Tourism Expo Held in Yerevan

Gutan Festival 2015Members of COAF’s extracurricular clubs from 4 beneficiary villages located in the Armavir region of Armenia had the opportunity to take part in popular events held in the Armenian capital the weekend of September 28-29.

Karakert Kids Triumph at Social Innovation Forum

Karakert Kids Triumph at Social Innovation ForumOn September 22, 2015, close to 40 youth gathered for the Mardamej Social Innovation Forum held in Armavir. The event serves as forum for participants to raise and propose ideas concerning problems in their communities.

Playland Armenia App for Kids Makes a Splash at Digitec Expo

COAF and U.S. Embassy Staff Shoot Hoops at New School Gym in VanandPlayland Armenia, the first ever online playground for Armenian kids, made its debut today at Digitec Expo 2015 in Yerevan. Digital Pomegranate in cooperation with the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation will continue to promote the new innovative app throughout the weekend expo.

COAF and U.S. Embassy Staff Shoot Hoops at New School Gym in Vanand

COAF and U.S. Embassy Staff Shoot Hoops at New School Gym in VanandOn September 26, 2015, the community of Vanand, together with the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan, and the USAID-funded Clean Energy and Water Program (CEWP), celebrated the opening of the newly renovated school gymnasium at the local school in the village of Vanand located in the Armavir region of Armenia.

Compassion Moves Villagers to Become Bone Marrow Donors

COAF Child Development Centers Fill the GapSeven COAF-supported communities located in the Armavir region of Armenia provided swab samples at a special event organized by COAF, thereby enlisting themselves in the Armenian Bone Marrow Registry.

COAF Child Development Centers Fill the Gap

COAF Child Development Centers Fill the GapOver 90 children from 3 different rural communities take part in various integrated age-specific programs targeting psychological, social and speech development.

COAF Expands Successful Aflatoun Program

COAF Expands Successful Aflatoun ProgramFollowing an outstanding year, COAF has decided to expand its Aflatoun program. Aflatoun was piloted during the 2014-2015 academic year for middle and high school children.

Free Dental Care for Village Children

Free Dental Care for Village ChildrenTwice a year, COAF provides free dental care to economically disadvantaged children in the Armavir region of Armenia. All of the children receive free toothbrushes and toothpaste.  The number of children who need intensive dental care in COAF villages is enormous.

COAF Summer Camp Season Wraps Up

COAF Summer Camp Season Wraps UpOver 850 children from 9 villages located in the Armavir and Lori regions of Armenia took part in COAF Summer Camps this year. This was the first time the kids from 3 villages in the new COAF-supported region of Lori experienced the fun and excitement of our camps....

COAF Youth Undergo Media Literacy Trainings in Yerevan

COAF Youth Undergo Media Literacy Trainings in YerevanYouth from COAF-supported villages recently took part in a special 3-day Summer Media School training in Yerevan organized by the Media Initiatives Center (MIC) and Altera Ltd...

Early Music Education Hits High Notes in Villages

Early Music Education Hits High Notes in VillagesFrench-Armenian musicologist/musician Sevana Tchakerian has been teaching music to 3-6 year olds throughout COAF-supported villages since January of this year. She designed the unique “Tsap-Tsapik” early music education program as an inclusive method, taking into account various shortcomings in Armenia’s public education system...

COAF Summer Camps Introduced to Lori Region

COAF Summer Camps Introduced to Lori RegionA total of 184 primary and middle school children from the COAF-supported region of Lori enjoyed summer day camps in 2015. COAF has been organizing summer camps since 2008 throughout villages in the Armavir and Aragatsotn regions of Armenia...

U.S. Ambassador Attends English Program Graduation Ceremony

U.S. Ambassador Attends English Program Graduation CeremonyThe U.S. Embassy in Yerevan and COAF congratulated 100 students on their successful completion of the two-year English Access Microscholarship Program at a ceremony held in the resort town of Tsaghkadzor on July 11, 2015...

Alexis Ohanian Visits COAF Villages

Alexis Ohanian Visits COAF VillagesVisiting Armenia in April on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian toured Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)-supported villages in rural Armenia...

COAF Partners with Beeline in Establishing Agro School in Village of Getashen

Karakert students visit National Assembly of ArmeniaBeeline Armenia (ArmenTel) and COAF have joined forces again in launching an Agro School in the village of Getashen located in the Armavir region of Armenia. COAF is currently in the final stage of completing a major renovation of the local school in this community which is located a few kilometers from the Turkish border...

Karakert Students Visit National Assembly of Armenia

Karakert students visit National Assembly of ArmeniaOn March 23, 2015, 30 students from Karakert schools 1 and 2 visited the National Assembly to attend a live session and meet the President of NA, Galust Sahakyan. The exciting day started with a guided tour...

COAF Renovates Hatsik School for Over 300 Village Children

Hatsik School OpeningThe COAF-supported community of Hatsik (known as Nairi during the Soviet era) celebrated the opening of its newly renovated secondary school. Students, faculty members and community leaders were joined by COAF Founder and Chairman Garo Armen, various government officials and special guests who attended the opening ceremony held on February 11.

COAF Villages Celebrate International Education Week with Special Guests

International Education Week, held this year from November 17 to 21, is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education is intended to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States.

COAF and VivaCell-MTS Open Fourth Creativity Lab in Rural Armenia

VivaCell-MTS and the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)’s continuous collaboration resulted in the opening of a fourth Creativity Lab in Armenia. The modern technology-enhanced classrooms have become a staple of many of the COAF beneficiary schools throughout the country.

Special Art Classes Held in Karakert by Visiting American Artists

Over 200 children from the COAF-supported villages of Hatsik and Karakert took part in special art classes taught by celebrated American artist/designer Colin Kilian and art liaison Sam Monaco. The initiative was sponsored by longtime COAF supporters Alexander and Max Teicher.

COAF Represented at LUYS Career Fair 2014

COAF was among 35+ companies and organizations represented at the LUYS Career Fair 2014 which aimed at facilitating and highlighting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of existing and emerging companies and representing the platform of Armenia’s new pool of talents. The event was held at the Training and Research Center of the Central Bank of Armenia located in the city of Dilijan on October 25, 2014 and united prospective employers across major Armenian and international organizations from a variety of industries.

COAF Represented at Regional English Language Teaching Conference in Georgia

COAF English language teachers and staff participated in the 6th South Caucasus Regional English Language Teaching (ELT) Conference titled “Reaching Out for Success” held in Tskaltubo, Georgia on October 3-4, 2014. The conference was organized as a joint collaboration between the U.S. Embassy Kyiv Regional English Language Office, U.S. Embassies Baku, Chisinau, Minsk, Tbilisi and Yerevan.

Children Convey Message of Love to Soldiers of Artsakh

On August 28, 2014, COAF's 20-member Interactive Theatre Group from the Armavir province of Armenia held a series of inspiring patriotic performances at a number of military bases in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic (Artsakh)

The performances focused on the importance and necessity of providing love to the elderly, children and young men and women proudly serving and defending their motherland in an effort to secure peace for the present and future generations...

COAF's Inter-Village Soccer Tournament Builds Teamwork Skills

One of the most highly anticipated COAF events of the year is the annual inter-village soccer tournament held each summer.

Children ages 10 to 14 from 8 communities competed at the games hosted by the village of Arteni located in the Aragatsotn province of Armenia. The mayor of Arteni along with the local school coach undertook efforts to have the soccer field cleaned up with fresh markings and lines.

Famous Armenian Musicians Visit Final Session of COAF Summer Camp

Each year hundreds of rural children take part in the COAF Summer Camps held at their respective villages. Youth often times in rural Armenia have limited summertime recreation and rarely get to travel to other places. The goal of COAF’s summer camps is to provide these children with opportunities to engage in meaningful activities and learn new skills.

AGBU Interns from Around the World Tour COAF Villages

Over two dozen diasporan students participating in the AGBU Yerevan Summer Internship Program (YSIP) visited COAF beneficiary villages recently to learn about the various initiatives launched in these communities. This year’s interns hailed from the US, Canada, Lebanon, Syria and Austria. AGBU YSIP participants spend their summers in Armenia gaining hands-on work experience at numerous institutions. Their tour of COAF villages was part of the program’s planned educational, cultural and social activities.

Lernagog’s Ethnography Club Delivers Dazzling Performance at Vardavar Festival

Members of COAF’s Ethnography Club from the village of Lernagog participated at the Vardavar Youth Festival organized on July 27 at the historic Garni Temple in Armenia. They delivered a memorable performance of ethnic folk dances to the delight of festivalgoers. Arts and crafts pieces such as jewelry and statuettes made by COAFKIDS were also on display.

Orange Armenia Staff Members Volunteer throughout COAF Villages

A few dozen volunteers from Orange Armenia telecommunications took part in community service initiatives in 4 different COAF villages during the month of July. The first event involved painting newly installed benches and waste bins at playgrounds in the communities of Arteni, Vanand and Yervandashat.

Young Entrepreneurs Committed to Development of Their Communities

This is the third year teenagers from COAF-sponsored villages are taking part in the Entrepreneurship Training and Practice for Youth Program (ETPY). The 25 high school students participating this year are from the communities of Hatsik, Sardarapat and Shenik.

COAF and U.S. Embassy in Yerevan Celebrate Accomplishments of ACCESS Program at 2014 English Summer Camps

The eight-day English Summer Camps held as part of the English Access Micro-scholarship Program (ACCESS) from July 02-11, 2014 marked the completion of the first year of the English language program. The highlight of the camps was the memorable closing ceremony with the participation of HE John A. Heffern, U.S. Ambassador to Armenia.

Professional Orientation Issues and Development Trends in Armenia Presented and Discussed at the First Conference

June 30, 2014, Yerevan, Armenia – Today the first conference entitled “Career Guidance Issues and Development Trends” was held at Armenia's Marriott Hotel in Yerevan, initiated and organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs of Armenia, Professional Orientation Methodology Center of the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, and the Children of Armenia Fund. USAID-funded LIFE program (Livelihood Improvement through Fostered Employment for People with Disabilities) administered by Save the Children International Organization was another participant of the conference.

Excitement and Fun Integrate with COAF Kids as 2014 Summer Camps Kick Off

June 23, 2014 marked the opening of the 1st shift of COAF’s 2014 Summer Camps. All in all there will be three consecutive shifts throughout June 23 - August 08 period with the participation of over 330 children aged 6-14 from seven rural communities of Armavir Marz. The elementary school students attend the traditional camp and take part in such groups and activities as theatre, art of circus, juggling, ethics, painting and reading.

VivaCell-MTS and COAF Join Hands in Bringing New Educational Opportunities to Vanand School

Yerevan, Armenia - June 18, 2014 - VivaCell-MTS and the Children of Armenia Fund's (COAF) continuous collaboration resulted in the opening of a third Creativity Lab. Equipped with a smart board, modern computers, as well as special mobile furniture, the newly opened Creativity Lab will host students from the Vanand Community School in Armavir Marz of Armenia. In addition to the Creativity Lab, a modern Library/Resource Center will be functioning in Vanand.

Hatsik and Sardarapat Kids Take Part in Yerevan Business Run 2014

A total of 40 children ages 8 to 14 participated in the annualYerevan Business Run 2014 organized by the municipality of Yerevan in cooperation with Austrian Airlines and Orange Fitness Club. The youngsters from the villages of Hatsik and Sardarapat located in the Armavir region took part in the children’s sprint portion of the Business Run.

Over 400 COAF Kids Take Part in ‘Planet of Happiness’ Festival in Celebration of International Children’s Day

Kids from 11 villages gathered at the Sardarapat Memorial on June 2 to mark International Children’s Day aimed at protecting the rights of children worldwide. The event titled ‘Planet of Happiness’ showcased the accomplishments of COAF’s various extracurricular clubs and programs to members of all beneficiary communities.

COAF’s Aragatsavan Soccer Team Wins Soccer Tournament

The second annual inter-school soccer tournament took place at the Tsaghkunk Open School located in the Gegharkunik region of Armenia. The event was part of a long line of joint activities between COAF-sponsored schools, Yerevan’s AYB High School and the Tsaghkunk Open School.

COAF’S Interactive Theatre Conveys Message of Love at TEDxKids

COAF’s 10-member Interactive Theatre Group from the village of Karakert took part in the third annual TEDxKids@Yerevan event held on June 1, 2014 at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. TEDxKids@Yerevan’s primary purpose is to provide youth with a platform where they can freely express themselves in regard to various issues of concern.

Michael Aram in Karakert

Armenian-American artist Michael Aram visited the COAF-renovated school in the village of Karakert where he met with students from the English Access language program. Michael is a longtime COAF supporter and member of the Board of Directors. He had visited the school a few years back before the renovation and was delighted to see the drastic change.

COAF Kids Treated to Special Performance by 'Taline & Friends'

120 kindergarteners from the villages of Karakert and Lernagog enjoyed a special concert by Armenian children’s music singer ‘Taline & Friends’ held at the Yerevan State Puppet Theatre on May 21, 2014. Taline is currently touring Armenia with a series of performances on her first ever trip to her homeland.

More COAF Schools Added to European Network of Healthy Schools

COAF initiated the third ever seminar held in the Republic of Armenia devoted to the ‘Schools for Health’ program launched by the Armenian Ministry of Health. This is part of the Schools for Health in Europe (SHE) network which is expanding its efforts in Armenia and promoting healthy lifestyles by increasing the number of member schools in the country.

U.S. Congressional Delegation Holds Roundtable Discussions with COAF

Over 25 students from 6 COAF-supported villages gathered in the community of Lernagog to meet with a visiting U.S. Congressional Delegation led by Chairman of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Ed Royce. U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John A. Heffern also accompanied the delegation which included Eliot Engel, House Foreign Affairs panel members David Cicilline, and Lois Frankel.

COAF Launches Network of Rural School Principals

A group of 13 principals from 12 COAF-sponsored villages gathered this week at Yerevan’s AYB School for the first official meeting of the newly created network of school principals. The network will establish an open line of communication among school principals throughout COAF-supported rural schools and bring about collaboration among school leaders.

Playgrounds Open in Borderline Villages of Armenia

Children and community members in the villages of Vanand and Yervandashat celebrated the openings of their new playgrounds on Friday, March 28, 2014. Both villages are considered borderline villages with Yervandashat located directly across from the Turkish border.

COAF Students Raising Awareness in the Fight Against Tuberculosis

On March 24, 2014, a group of 15 students from the Healthy Lifestyle Club in Lernagog prepared a special event at their school in observation of World Tuberculosis Day. World Tuberculosis Day is designed to build public awareness about the global epidemic of tuberculosis and efforts to eliminate the disease.

From Outer Space to Court Rooms and Kitchens COAF Youth Deliver Performances Full of Pizzazz

Chefs, astronauts, judges, policemen, electricians and environmentalists were among the 55 students from 9 schools in 8 villages gathered on February 28 to present various professions of interest as a result of their participation in the COAF Professional Orientation Program sponsored by HSBC Future First.

Crowd Funding Creates Opportunities for Low Income Businesses: COAF Partners with FA Microloans in Support of its Beneficiary Farmers

Several months ago David Mnatsakanyan, a young Armenian living in the U.S. contacted the Armenian office of the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) with an interesting collaboration idea. David was looking for partners in Armenia, who would identify low-income borrowers to be supported by the funds they would raise.

Arteni School's Afeyan Elementary Wing Opens with VivaCell-MTS Creativity Lab

Schoolchildren, parents and faculty in the village of Arteni celebrated the reopening of their school’s renovated elementary wing on Thursday, January 22, 2014. A key highlight of the new wing is an innovative technology-enhanced Creativity Lab sponsored by VivaCell-MTS.

English Education in Armenian Rural Communities: A Partnership Between the U.S. Embassy Yerevan and COAF

The U.S. Embassy in Yerevan and the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) conducted the opening ceremony of the 2013-2015 English Access Micro-scholarship Program (Access Program) in Sardarapat today. The ceremony launched the second round of the Access Program, which will provide English language training to approximately 100 bright, economically-disadvantaged students from five COAF-supported communities over the course of two years of after-school instruction and intensive sessions.

Irrigation Pipeline Opens in Aragatsavan

We would like to thank and congratulate the 250 donors who came together on June 25, 2013 for our 3rd Annual Summer Soiree and supported our two water projects. We are proud to announce that the new, 1,100 meter-long Aragatsavan irrigation pipeline is now complete! This means improved farming for over 320 acres of land. This was made possible by UNDP, local farmers, and your dedication. Thank you. Relive the moment and check out the Soiree Album.

From Darkness to Light: In the Words of Siranush

With your support and COAF's on the ground efforts, 16-year-old Siranush now has a world of new possibilities. But five years ago, Siranush's future prospects were much more limited. Thankfully, there was an unexpected development in Siranush's life - the arrival of COAF in her village.

Volunteers Get a New View of the Stars

Spring is just around the corner and a spirit of volunteerism is blossoming in rural Armenia. With a little inspiration from the COAF team, youth are taking the health and prosperity of their communities into their own hands and in so doing are experiencing a transformation themselves.

Summer Camp, The Revolution

Summer camp was most definitely a foreign concept when COAF first introduced it in 2008. The principal of Lernagog School thought no children would come. The teachers of Karakert weren’t sure they could think of anything really interesting for the children to do.

She Goes Running

Six-year-old Amalia Arshakyan loves caring for her 10-month-old cousin Jeannette while her aunt works in the barley field. When Amalia heads off to the field after school, she goes running.

Thanks to the Lernagog Student Council, a Veteran Receives Her Due

As students have become more involved in their schools, their increased confidence in themselves and their abilities has led them to take more active roles in their communities. In April 2010, members of the Lernagog student council undertook a community outreach program, bringing food and fuel to impoverished villagers. One of the people they visited was 91-year-old Asya Khachaturi Ayrapetovna.