Revitalizing, repairing and replacing infrastructure in villages across Armenia

Since our work began in 2003, the Children of Armenia Fund has undertaken more than a hundred infrastructure improvement projects in the Armenian village communities we serve. We have completed projects renovations, refurbishments and other capital reconstructions to 20 buildings primary schools, kindergartens, health clinics, community centers and other multi-use modernized facilities where village youth can learn, access quality healthcare, play sports, dance and simply be children. In remote rural areas of the countryside, sometimes accessible only on long-neglected or primitive road systems, repairs to damaged and declining infrastructure, access to clean, quality drinking water is an ongoing challenge. Working with local leaders to locate areas with the crucial need for repairs to irrigation pipelines, COAF has made improvements to over 15,000 meters pipeline, restoring water systems that serve more than 18,000 villagers. We are working to turn the faucets on for children and their families across Armenia, and need your help to continue making infrastructure improvements. Check out images below to see COAF’s infrastructure work in action.

Before and after photos of school infrastructure projects

SMART Rooms 360 Views

Akori SMART Room

Arevatsag SMART Room