Get to know the people who benefit from COAF’s work.

  • Rural Armenia’s long tradition of innovation and resiliency has been tested for the last 100 years by genocide, economic and natural disasters, and war.
  • Despite these challenges, Armenians have risen to make meaningful global innovations in arts, technology, industry, and many other areas of culture and society.
  • Dire conditions in the countryside have worsened in the past two decades: villages are still crippled by the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s collapse, the earthquake of 1988, and ongoing conflict with neighboring Azerbaijan.
  • As a result, large numbers of adults and teens are emigrating in search of employment in Russia and elsewhere; despite the high potential of the Armenian people (99% of the population is literate), many have to leave their home country to support their families.

The individual stories of Armenia’s rural people and the COAF team members working with them are a true measure of our work’s impact. Explore some of their stories below:

The COAF team experiences first hand the progress that is unfolding every day on the ground in Armenia as a result of COAF’s programs, and the human impact that our work has. In the last fifteen years we have helped tens of thousands of rural people, and with your help, COAF can reach further, so that every Armenian village can fulfill their own unique potential, and in turn give back to their communities and the world. Donate to COAF today and help us reach all 1.2 million rural Armenians.