What is SMART?

SMART is the innovative concept developed by COAF that creates opportunities for rural communities to thrive through access to unprecedented resources. Three pillars of the SMART concept are: providing the newest technological resources, encouraging idea collaboration and maintaining the highest quality teaching within critical educational competencies.

Why build a SMART Center?

The COAF SMART Center will empower youth in rural communities to help stem the “brain drain” and loss of talents witnessed in struggling communities throughout Armenia. Providing rural communities with modern technologies and educational experiences can create lasting transformation and development. This drive for excellence will create dynamic economic, social and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Where will the first SMART Center be located?

Our first SMART Center is under construction on 18 acres of land in Armenia’s northern region of Lori. Lori still suffers from the effects of the 1988 earthquake that claimed 25,000 lives.

Who will benefit from the SMART Center?

Children and their families in rural communities will benefit from the SMART concept as they seek to improve their lives amidst economic hardships, limited educational opportunities and a lack of available resources. The emphasis will be placed on youth, but SMART is meant to transform regions, not just the young. Programs and interventions reach across all demographic groups. As rural communities grow, the positive impact will also be felt throughout Armenia.

What will the SMART Center be used for?

A SMART Center will feature both tailored new offerings as well as proven highly effective programs implemented by COAF over the last decade, including: digital libraries, multi-sensory programs for disabled youth, entrepreneurship training, civic engagement, apprenticeships, health education screenings and environmental and economic programs.

When will the SMART Center be operational?

The SMART Center is expected to be completed and operational by the end of 2016.

How can I get involved with the SMART initiative?

We welcome like-minded organizations, businesses, supporters and donors to get involved with our exciting new SMART initiative. To contact the COAF staff about a collaboration, please email info@coafkids.org. To donate, please click here.